Chico’s Cheat Sheet

Because my clients are so diverse, I make it my business to frequent all of the stores that they love.  This can mean some serious legwork, but, of course, I LOVE perusing the racks for the finest fashions.  Many of my clients adore shopping at Chico’s, so I stopped by the other day to get a glimpse of the fall features.  I have to admit that in the past, I have been a Chico’s skeptic, but their fresh take on fashion, color expansion, and happy-to-help sales staff make Chico’s a great option for many of my personal shopping clients.  To give you a little taste of what you will find at Chico’s this fall season, here is my Chico’s Cheat Sheet for fall shopping so that you will know what to expect way before everyone else does (now aren’t you savvy)!


  • Chico’s is ramping up their fall color offerings.  The traveler’s line (many a client’s jet-setting staple) is now available in khaki and brown, as well as the traditional black.  Other hot colors lining the racks at Chico’s are burnt orange (go Texas!), purple, blue, turquoise, and a wide range of browns.  If you have been keeping up with Pantone’s predictions for fall color, Chico’s is spot on!
  • Taking a sophisticated approach on modern wear with a western flair, many styles are perfect for you Texas gals.  Denim blouses, vests, fringe, and suede galore are all great additions to a fall wardrobe.

  • Chico’s does a great job of integrating some of the top designer trends this season, including: fabrics with sheen, jackets of assorted styles and shapes, oversized jewels and baubles, and satchel bags.


All in all, Chico’s gets an A+ for meeting the needs of their client base, while pushing the "Chico’s Envelope" with new trends and colors.  Dressing my Chico’s lovers will be fun and fashionable this season!


Check out some of my favorite Chico’s fall fashion finds below (




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