Rompers? Should I Bother?

It doesn’t matter how often we hear from fashion magazines and clothing stores that we should be wearing this or that trend, the bottom line is that some trends are just plain hard to wear.  Trends can go unfortunately wrong if we try and force a style that isn’t meant for our body or coloring.  Personal example #1: Rompers. 


I love the idea of wearing a romper.  But, rompers always look like they are wearing me.  You know the catastrophe:  when you look uncomfortable in your own clothing and the style does zero to enhance your shape.  In truth, rompers always make me look about 10-20 pounds larger…until now.  If you love rompers (or any other trend that doesn’t seem to be your friend), don’t despair!  Think of a way that you can incorporate the trend into your wardrobe, without sacrificing fit or color.  I decided to look for a romper that could be a swimsuit cover-up, instead of a summer wardrobe staple.  This decision helped me to adjust the types of rompers that I was trying on and to develop some rules for searching out that perfect romper.  Below is my list of rules for locating a romper that is fashionable and flattering (specifically to curvy body shapes).


Lauren’s Romper Rules:


1.       Stick with a solid, sophisticated color.  Many rompers come in large patterns and neon colors.  Because rompers are overtly trendy, it is a good idea to select a tame version of the trend.  Don’t worry, everyone will still recognize you as the chic girl pulling off a romper.  But, you will look polished and pretty, while everyone else is being swallowed by the romper monster.  (See picture below.  This is an example of a romper malfunction.)



2.      Choose a romper with a waist-band, rather than a hip-band.  Many of the rompers that I have tried on have a band that cuts directly across my hips (like the romper above), accentuating my widest area, and creating a blousy top that hides my smaller waist.  This is a no-go.  Don’t sacrifice your body for a trend.  I continued my search for a romper until I found one with a waist-band.  (See picture below.  This is the romper I purchased from Nordstrom.) 



3.      Make sure that your romper is long enough for you.  Many rompers are quite short, and if your romper cuts across the widest part of your leg, it will only make you appear wider.  I know that my legs look best if my shorts are about mid-thigh, so I made sure that my romper was that length as well.


4.      Don’t forget the frosting!  Make your romper your own by adding your favorite accessories.  Then, your trendy romper will be supported with pieces that represent your signature style.


Making your favorite trends work for you can be really fun.  And, of course, you’re going to look fabulous!


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