GirliGirl Boutique in Colleyville

I really try not to play favorites when it comes to where I shop for myself or my clients, but I just can’t help LOVING GirliGirl Boutique in Colleyville.  GirliGirl is a fabulous store overflowing with trends, gifts, and glitz for girly girls of all ages.  Some of my favorite GirliGirl finds (for myself and clients!) are shimmer camisoles (offered in gold and silver), skirts and dresses decked out in ruffles and girly details, and, of course, Tarina Tarantino jewelry.  GirliGirl just happens to have the biggest Tarina Tarantino account in the country!  Owned by mother and daughter duo, Kim and Brianna, GirliGirl may also be the friendliest boutique in the area.  Kim and Brianna are extremely welcoming and make it so fun to shop at GirliGirl.  The next time you need a boutique fix, check out GirliGirl.  Or, call me!  I am always up for a personal shopping trip to GirliGirl!


Check out GirliGirl’s website:


The following items were all purchased at GirliGirl.





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