My Wardrobing Must-Have

A little over a year ago, I was introduced to my wardrobing best friend: Chickies Cleavage Coverage.  Chickies are an amazing little invention that hook directly to your bra strap, providing additional coverage for tops, dresses, etc. that are just a little too low. 



I can’t even count the number of times that a client has had a wardrobing item in her "go" pile, and we were able to save it just by adding a little Chickie.  Chickies are the perfect addition when you really don’t want to let it all hang out!  Shop Chickies online to make your purchases.  I always suggest starting your Chickies collection with the neutrals (black, chocolate, charcoal, ivory, and white).  Let me know what you think about Chickies.  I predict that you will LOVE them, just as I do! 


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