Styling Sports Fans

This week has been filled with selecting outfits for sporting events.  Several of my clients will be giving other Texas Rangers fans a run for their fashion money this weekend at the World Series.  You definitely won’t see my clients in old Rangers memorabilia and their Saturday blue-jeans at the games.  Instead, they will be putting a new spin on what it means to be the chicest of sporting fans.  Want tips on how to punch up your tired fan uniform?  Read on!



1.  Color is the foundation of fan fashions.  After all, it doesn’t matter if you look like you are walking the sports red carpet if no one can decide which team you are playing for.  Begin building your sporting ensemble by selecting colors that represent your team.  Are your team’s colors so "not your color?"  Mix it up a bit!  Sprinkle in a complimentary color that does wonders for your skin tone, while blending with your least favorite fan color. 


2.  Don’t stick to the basics.  Just because you are attending a game, doesn’t mean that you have to feel and look boring!  Mix up your fan uniform by selecting unexpected pieces like a dress, casual blazer, and a great pair of wedges.  While jeans are always a great option for sitting in a stadium, don’t let them make you fashion complacent.  Pair your denim with a blouse, trendy cardigan, and embellished flats.  If you do want to wear a fan jersey, try pairing it with skinny jeans and cowboy boots.  This look is always a Texas favorite.


3.  Stay true to your frosting style.  Do you love piling on the baubles, or are you more of a minimalist when it comes to jewelry.  No matter what you accessory preferences, don’t leave home without your finishing touches.  A well-selected bangle or oversized earrings can take your uniform from fair to fabulous in a matter of moments! 


Here are some of my all-star fan fashion creations:




(Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, & Dallas Cowboys)


What are your latest fashion creations for your favorite team?  If you feel that your ensembles are falling flat, it’s time to chart a new sporting course.  Every diva deserves to look her best, even when she is holding up a foam finger and eating ballpark food!   


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