Holiday Party Checklist

My work calendar is packed from now until New Year’s with appointments for selecting my clients’ holiday party outfits.  My husband and I attended our first holiday party of the season this past weekend, and it got me thinking about the perfect checklist for any lovely lady that has a party on her schedule and still hasn’t put together the perfect ensemble.  Here is my checklist for building a seriously show-stopping outfit for all of your parties this season.


1) Start with the basics.  Decide if you are going to wear a dress, or opt for an evening pant and blouse.  Make sure that your go-to outfit is perfectly pressed and doesn’t require any alterations.  If your evening wear wardrobe needs a refresher, head out to your favorite store to search the racks for holiday inspiration.  If you are pressed for time, shop at a department store for evening wear, instead of a small boutique, because there are more options.


2) Once you have your dress or alternative evening outfit, it’s time to select your metallic theme for your holiday look.  You will use this theme to finish out your outfit.  Silver and gold are always great go-to colors for evening wear, but this season, I have found a new love for gunmetal, as well.  If you consider yourself a trendsetter, gunmetal could be your new metallic flavor!  Bronze & copper oftentimes become backseat metallics, but this season, they look lovely with purple, green, or brown evening outfits.


3) With your metallic theme established, select your shoes and jewelry.  If sky-high heels are not your best friend, switch to an embellished flat.  Flats look elegant with evening pants or fashionably funky with a short (above-the-knee) cocktail dress.  If you prefer heels, watch out for styles that fasten around the ankle.  This can cut your long leg line off, making you appear shorter and (gasp!) wider.  Jewelry should be about personal preference.  Do you love rhinestones or prefer classic pearls?  Whatever your favorite bedazzlement, make sure that you tie in your metallic theme, so that your outfit looks cohesive.


4) It’s time for finishing touches!  Select your evening bag and coat or wrap.  If you want a classic, elegant look, select an evening bag that relates to your metallic theme.  If you are going for trend, opt for a colorful option that "pops" against your dress color.  If you are hot-natured, select a coat that you will ditch at the front door of the party.  If you easily get cold, keep a wrap (in a neutral or color) with you for when you get chilly.  If you want a funkier look, select a fur cape or wrap (so hot this season)!


Now that you are flawlessly fashioned for your holiday parties, you just need one more thing…your party attitude.  Get out on the dance floor and show off that gorgeous outfit!


Need more fashion inspiration?  Here is my holiday outfit from this past weekend:


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