New Year, New Closet

It’s the new year, and I am baring it all.  Well…baring all of my closet, that is.  My husband and I just moved into a new house, and I was forced to face my closet clutter head-on.  That’s right.   Sometimes I become so involved in my clients’ closets that I forget to organize and readjust my own.  The new year is a perfect time to get your closet whipped into shape.  Read below for some tips on closet organization.  Oh, and the baring it all part…here is a photo of my newly organized closet!



1.  Re-evaluate each clothing item.  My number one criteria for deciding whether or not an item has a space in my clients’ closets is if the piece of clothing makes them feel good about themselves.  If the answer is “no,” it has to go!  Discard items that make you feel less than your best, are worn, torn, or stained (and can’t be repaired), and items that are outdated.


2.  Don’t succumb to hanger clutter.  Designate an area of your closet for spare hangers.  Each morning, when you get dressed, remove the spare hanger and place it in its designated area.  It sounds simple, but many closet is a-clutter just because of spare hangers.  I also insist that all of my clients’ hangers coordinate.  This allows for a visually pleasing closet.  Both felt or plastic, department-style hangers will do the trick nicely.


3.  Utilize your space with plastic bins.  I like to store all of my evening clutches in a plastic bin (see photo) to avoid dust damage and to keep my small items from disappearing.  Plastic bins also help organize hats, belts, and flip flops.



4.  Move off-season clothing to the back of your closet or to a separate space in your house.  The key to getting dressed with ease is to minimize the amount of clothing information you have to process each morning.  Only keep items in your closet that can be worn today.  This also means that items that do not currently fit (even the ones you hope to wear again one day) need to vacate your closet space.


5.  Designate a specific space for each and every clothing item.  I like to organize my items by category and color.  Find a system that works for you and stick with it!


If you are still drowning in closet clutter, call or email me to schedule a closet appointment.  It’s the perfect gift to yourself in the new year!


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