Top Golden Globes Pick!

There was a lot to love about the Golden Globes’s Fashions last weekend, but one star really stood out on the red carpet: Emma Stone! 

* Photo courtesy of Just Jared.

Whenever I watch a red carpet event, I select my favorite fashions based on what looks I feel like are cutting-edge, and what celebrities are really saying something new and interesting through their styling choices.  At the Golden Globes, Emma Stone did both.  Her ensemble is fashion-forward, pointing to the styles that are emerging for Spring 2011.  We can look forward to seeing outfits that boast simplicity and require extreme confidence to pull off such a minimalist look.  Her color choice is also young and hip and is complimented perfectly by her chicly simple earrings and clutch.  This dress makes me happy that Spring 2011 is just around the corner!

Want to know my least favorite look?  Well, that is a secret.  Since I am in the business of making women look lovely, I don’t see the point in writing something not so lovely about a celebrity that I didn’t dress!  After all, fashion should be fun and make us feel oh so fabulous!  What was your favorite Golden Globes look?


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