Confined To My Comfies

In our house, we have a special word for our casual, just around the house, never in public clothing: our comfies.  We are now day four into the winter deathland (really just a little snow and wintery mix!), and wearing my comfies has started to not feel so great.  Even as a wardrobe consultant, there are times that I just don’t feel like dressing up.  So when our deathland hit, I was overjoyed to slip into my comfies with a warm cup of coffee and spend the day with my paperwork.  Cut to day four, and I hate my comfies and feel somewhat disgusting.  I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about…

It made me think about the importance of purchasing comfies that make you feel good about yourself even if you have zero plan for leaving the house.  Here is the criteria I created for myself and my clients the next time that I go on a comfies shopping trip:

1) Purchase a wide-range of comfies.  I have made the mistake of having the same pair of knit pants in several colors.  This gets very boring very fast.  Instead, mix up your comfy ensemble with leggings and a statement t-shirt one and day and wide-leg yoga pants and a hoodie the next (or whatever your favorite comfy style may be).

2) Select comfies in colors that make you feel and look great.  If you are sitting around the house in your comfies all day, the chances are that you aren’t applying some much needed makeup either…at least I’m not!  Wearing my husband’s old grey fleece does nothing but bring the under-eye circles out.  Hello Scary!  You are better off selecting a shade that is fun and flattering.  For me this might be teal, purple, or green.

3) Hunt for comfies that show off your figure instead of doubling it.  My opinion is that when you wear clothing that doesn’t fit, it makes you feel the freedom to eat everything in the pantry.  Afterall, there isn’t a waistband telling you when you are (or should be) full!  Plus, wearing clothing that flatters your waistline will help you remember how lovely you are, even when you are shivering by the fireplace.

Now get out there and hunt some new comfies…well, as soon as the deathland vanishes!


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