Pantone’s Spring 2011 Colors

Yes, they are finally here…Pantone’s “hot” colors for spring 2011!  You can love ’em or hate ’em, but just get used to seeing them.  Your favorite stores will soon be smattered with renditions of Pantone’s favorite hues.

Honeysuckle: pinky-red

Coral Rose: a spicy version of orange (a switch from the redish version of last spring)

Peapod: yellowy-green

Beeswax: think orange dipped in honey

Silver Peony: just the right shade of nude

Russet: rich brown

Regetta: sea-side blue

Lavendar: exactly what it sounds like!

Silver Cloud: a light and airy shade of grey

While most of my clients can’t wait to start hunting these new shades, I have had conversions with a couple of clients that aren’t overly-joyed with the thought of investing in Pantone’s must-have shades.  So, here is my advice:  pick one to two shades to focus on (minimally), and mixed them with some of your more-loved shades of last season.  This will help you achieve a style all your own and keep you for stressing over a hue that you don’t think is so haute!  And just remember that if you aren’t in love with this season’s colors, you can always look forward to fall.  That’s the great thing about fashion…it keeps on changing!


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