Facing the Facts

Today is finally the day.  I face my fear of grey hair head-on (no pun intended!) and start the dreaded coloring process.  It started with a grey sprig here, a grey sprig there, and now it has grown into a grey colony.  I quickly realized that I am not the type of person to allow my hair to stay natural and embrace my grey.  Instead, I have found a way to solve it (glorious hair dye!) and to get back to feeling like the person with non-grey hair that I used to see in the bathroom mirror. 

My grey hair dilemma got me thinking.  As women, how often do we allow our least favorite physical areas to get us down.  We dwell on them and stress over them, but a lot of times we don’t take measures to make our peace with them.  To me, there are two options when we identify an “image area of concern.”  1) We can make our peace with the change, embrace what could be perceived by us as a flaw, and move on, or 2) We find a way to adjust, or even correct, the concern.  But if we do not choose between option 1 or 2, as women, that is when we really start beating ourselves up. 

In my years as working as a wardrobe consultant and certified image consultant, I have helped my clients face and re-direction their concerns over weight-gain, brown spots, wrinkles, and, yes, grey hair.  Whether they choose option 1 or 2, that is up to them.  But, my goal is to let them know that they are lovely and that I am happy to help in any way that I can.  

What are your appearance related concerns in 2011?  Have you chosen between option 1 or 2?  I know that when you do, you really will feel flawless!  Don’t forget to think of me this afternoon as I take my hair color plunge!


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