Valentine’s Day Ready?

This week has been filled with helping my clients get prepared for their Valentine’s Day celebrations.  I have been selecting their outfits and shopping for gifts for their honeys!  All this prep-work for the big day got me thinking about a few “rules” for Valentine’s apparel.  It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and dress in head to toe red.  It is even easier to wait until 10 minutes before you leave for your big date to select an outfit that you will feel just ho-hum about.  So, here are my Valentine’s Day rules for selecting the perfect outfit.  I hope they help you feel great for your date!

1)  Plan ahead!  Now is the perfect time to peak in your closet for an outfit that makes you feel and look great.  Want something new?  This is the perfect time to purchase a special occasion wardrobe addition because fall/winter clothing is on sale.  Boutiques and department stores alike are trying to give their merchandise away!  Just don’t wait until the last-minute to make your purchase or you will have a bad case of the Valentine’s Day frazzles!

2)  Skip the head to toe red ensemble.  Instead, try incorporating a little Valentine’s Day cheer into your lipstick.  Nothing says saucy like a little red lip!  If you prefer to play up your eyes and play down your lips, then consider adding just a pop of red in your outfit (if you must).  I love the idea of pinning a reddish rosette to a tailored jacket or dress.  Or, pair your outfit with a red coat (see below).  It makes a big statement, but you won’t be committed to wearing it all through your dinner. 

3) Consider re-using one of your holiday outfits.  Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to revisit a Christmas or New Years’ Eve piece.  Afterall, you may have few chances this season to wear some of your favorite special occasion outfits.  Even if you are celebrating with friends that have previously seen an item, you can rework the piece and get double the use out of it.  And, this is a great way to keep from spending money on additional items this late into the season.

* One of my holiday pieces reworked for Valentine’s Day.  Afterall, how many more chances will I have to wear a winter romper! 

4) Venture out of your comfort zone.  Since Valentine’s Day is all about romance, it is a great time to try something new.  Slip into a pair of sky-high heels or show a little more leg than usual.  I’m quite sure that your honey won’t mind!  Just remember that even on Valentine’s Day, balance is key.  If you show a little cleavage, then skip the mini-skirt, and vice versa.

5) Make your outerwear a staple feature in your outfit.  Select your coat/gloves/scarf with care so that it makes a knock-em-over statement.  Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous!  Statement outerwear ideas are below.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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