Grammy 2011 Obsession!

Hands down, my favorite look of the Grammy’s this year was Jennifer Hudson’s knock-out ensemble!  Head to toe, here’s why I am in love:

*Photo courtesy of

1. Super-sleek hair.  A fun, fabulous switch from all of the hollywood era waves that have infiltrated red carpets everywhere.  Now, I love a good wave, but super-sleek is super-sexy!

2. The non-traditional hemline hits all the right notes.  Jenn’s hem says playful fun and fashion forward all at the same time.

3. Color!  I have a thing so navy and really feel that most people look amazing in it.  Jennifer definitely does.

4. The shoes are killer.  Love the dark color, love the straps, love the pointed base. 

And, I haven’t forgotten the men in all of our lives.  Here is my favorite male of the evening.

*Photo courtesy of

Grammy attendees are always known for a putting a unique spin on fashion.  Matthew Morrison of Glee dips his toe in the water with this outfit without going overboard.


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