How to Wear Black & White

I was shopping for a few clients over the weekend at Neiman Marcus, and I was overwhelmed with excitement because of the amazing clothes that are on the racks.  Pantone may have predicted muted hues for spring 2011, but that doesn’t mean that all of the departments stores chose to purchase according to that route.  Neimans is sprinkled with beautiful colors and show-stopping patterns.  One of the main forerunners for spring (and not just at Neimans) is black and white.  Many of my clients shy away from this color combo because it is so intense.  While it may not be for the fashion-shy, black and white (when worn in the right way) can be a really fun addition to your wardrobe.  Just remember that not every color or color combination is for ever person, so you may need to consider if black and white is right for your coloring and personal style.

Ready to take the black and white plunge?  Here is how to do it!

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1) Select a black and white piece like the cardigan above.  I prefer black and white patterns to a white top with black bottoms (or vice versa) because this top/bottom combo can shorten your overall appearance because it is such high contrast.  A pattern will be more forgiving. 

2) Choose a “companion color” for your outfit.  Some colors that pair well with black and white are pink, red, gold, and turquoise.

3) Add pops of your companion color (or colors) to our overall outfit.  For example, you might pair a black and white top and trouser jeans with statement gold earrings, red shoes, and a gold and black cross-body bag.     

4) Wear your outfit with confidence!  Black and white is show-stopper, so get ready to attract some attention.  But, don’t worry, with these easy outfit creations steps, it will be all the right kind of attention!

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This is one of my favorite black and white pieces from spring 2011.  It is a Diane Von Furstenberg mini dress that creates a gorgeous hourglass silhouette.  It is such an amazing piece that I just had to share it! 


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