Fredericksburg Style Show Re-Cap

I could not have been more pleased with the time that I spent in Fredericksburg, Texas putting on a style show for the local women.  My husband and I arrived late in the afternoon on Friday and I was able to hit a couple of the local boutiques after checking into our amazing B&B, the Roadrunner Inn.  I spent all of Saturday morning exploring the shops around Fredericksburg (without letting any of the store owners know who I was!)  We also made a trip to the Alamo Springs Cafe and Becker Vineyards.  Over all, the food in Fredericksburg was impeccable! 

After doing some solid scouting of the local boutiques over the weekend, I was ready to pull for the style show early Monday morning.  I drove from shop to shop loading clothing, shoes, and accessories into my car and then taking them to the style show site, Hoffman Haus, which is another amazing place to stay!  A total of seven local boutiques participated in the show: Root, Parts Unknown, The Secret Garden, Hill Country Outfitters, Remember Me Too, Haberdashery, and Madlyn’s.  I greatly appreciate their participation and willingness to lend me their products. 

The style show began at about 10:30am on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2011.  I displayed a total of six mannequins during the style show and varied them according to personal style, color, and social occasion and by incorporating several of the stores’ products into each mannequin.  My goals were to 1) entertain my audience with new and fresh spring fashion information, 2) inspire the women to shop locally and support the small businesses of Fredericksburg, and 3) provide tips for dressing in a way that accentuates a woman’s favorite features and distracts from any area of the body that might make them feel less than flawless (and we all have those areas)!

Here are some fun photos from my Fredericksburg style show.  I hope to make the show a part of my seasonal style show tour!

A very big thanks to the lovely Maggie Sauer (below with me to the right) who coordinating and hosted the style show!  It was truly a wonderful experience, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know so many amazing women.


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