Oscar 2011 Top Dress Pick!

Here it is…drumroll please…my favorite dress pick from last Sunday’s Academy Awards show!

I refer to it as the “Anne Hathaway Fringe Dress.”  I love Anne Hathaway because her approach to fashion is so young and vibrant, and she always says something special through her clothing.  I also think that, for many people, fringe can seem difficult to pull off, and in Oscar de la Renta, this girl-next-door does it perfectly.  The soft waves of her hair contrasted with the embellished one shoulder of the dress adds interest without making the outfits feel over-stylized.  Well done Annie!

And, because it is the biggest awards show of the year, I felt that it was only appropriate to select a second favorite Oscar gown!

Jennifer Hudson is really on a role in the fashion department.  She was also my pick for the 2011 Grammy’s.  I love this fresh, orange-coral color against her skin.  The shape of her dress really shows off her amazing new body, and her jewelry is simple and elegant, which gives a nod to the minimalist new spin on jewelry for the spring 2011 season.  Gorgeous!


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