Tweak Spring 2011 Trends to Work for You!

My clients love the spring. As soon as the weather warms, I start receiving emails from clients who want to know how to wear their favorite fashion trends. Now, my number one rule is that fashion should be fun! But, what do you do when you love fashion trends that just doesn’t seem to love you back?

Here are my tips for tweaking some of spring’s most fun fashion trends so that they work for you: 

  • Horizontal Stripes: No one wants to look larger than they actually are. And, horizontal stripes do just that. Think of ways to incorporate horizontals into your wardrobe that won’t expand your waistline. Try a horizontal scarf that hangs vertically in a trench’s label. Or, layer a horizontal t-shirt under a colored jacket so that just a peak of the pattern shows. 
  • Black & White: This trend is all the rage, and on the right person can be oh-so-chic! But, how do you make this trend work for you? Color is key. Make sure to break up the contrasting black and white with a color or warm metallic. I love gold with black and white, but pink, blue, green, and turquoise all work well too. These days, I avoid pairing my clients in black, white, and red because this color combo can appear dated in a world where creative color combinations rule. Try to think of new and interested ways to rework your wardrobe with color. After fall, we all need a little change.
  • Long Hem-lines: Lady-like is back, and I love it! But, that doesn’t mean that we all will look our best in a calf-length skirt. Instead, extend their skirt lengths, at least this season, to the longest length that still works for them. Then, compensate for the added length with a pointed-toe shoe with a heel that will lengthen the leg-line and slim the lower body.   

Helping my clients figure out ways to make fashion trends work for them is one of my favorite aspects of wardrobe consulting. As I tell my clients, there is always a solution to every fashion challenge.  Sometimes, you just have to find a new way to approach it!

Happy Spring!


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