Miss Teen Dallas/Fort Worth

After just days back in Texas from my training in NYC, I had the wonderful opportunity of judging the Miss Teen Dallas/Fort Worth Beauty Pageant through America’s Beauty Pageants.  I have been contacted multiple times by beauty pageants in the DFW area asking me if I would consider judging.  I have always said “no” because of a schedule conflict or, potentially, a fear of getting sucked into a Toddler and Tiaras situation.  So this pageant season, when ABP contacted me, I decided to dive in.  I am so very thankful that something made me say “yes” to the opportunity because judging the pageant was an amazing experience.  The girls were beautiful people (inside and out), and I greatly enjoyed getting to meet my fellow judges (photographers, fashion designers, and various business owners).  Here is a peek at my pageant weekend:

 My pageant entourage (L to R: Katie, Kami, Me and Tara).  I am so appreciative of my sweet friends that support all of my fashion endeavors!

The judges’ table before the pageant.

The judges and pageant winners for all four age categories.


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