Learning to Walk in Wedges…

The 1970’s wedge is calling my name this season.  I am obsessed with the way the look with pants, skirts or dresses, and I am loving that I can wear them way longer than my 4 inch heels sans the foot pain!  My first wedge of the spring season was a little find from Fredericksburg that I picked up when I was visiting for my style show in early March.  Cut to warmer weather and their first time out of the box, and I was on my face on a sidewalk within a matter of moments.  I just hadn’t found my sea…er, wedge legs yet.  These new wedges were definitely calling my name, but I’m not so sure that it was in a loving way.  Maybe more like they were making fun of my name, and I just didn’t know it.  But, I got back on the horse (in this case the horse was my wedges), and I have been walking tall ever since.  Don’t worry, my bruised and scabbed knees (and ego) are or the mend too.

Now that walking in wedges is much less of a hazard for me (I have been practicing in my hallway at home!), I have decided to expand my wedge wardrobe and am encouraging my clients with a little hipster flair to do the same.  As I tell my clients, wedges are not the spring item to blow all of your funds on.  Instead, search for moderately priced wedges (I say under $100) and purchase 2-3  pairs in various neutral shades and/or in one really fun pop of color.  You will be wedge wardrobe ready in no time!  To get you started in the right wedge shopping direction, here are my top wedge picks this spring for under $100. 

DSW for $79.95

Journeys for $49.99

Dillards for $98

Victoria’s Secret for $80

Nordstrom for $99.95


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