New Spins on Old Metallic Friends

Few people would respond truthfully is their favorite color was, in fact, gold.  But, I am just one of those people.  No shame…gold really is my favorite color.  Keeps your pinks, reds, and blues.  I am all about the Midas touch!  My love for gold makes me specifically tuned in to all things metallic, and this spring has been quite the season for shimmery and shine.  Metallics are changing this season.  The hottest trends for spring feature mixed metals or fresh takes on metallics that have typically been background players (bronze, gunmetal, and rose gold).  Here are some of my favorite metallic finds for spring.

Via Spiega Bronze snake shoes.

Mixed metal Michele watch.

Guess mixed metal (gunmetal & silver) heels.

Elliott Luca gold and silver/cream purse.

Mixed metal necklace.

Rose gold and black ring.

Michael Kors gunmetal clutch.

What is your favorite metallic for the spring season?


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