Coral Nail Polish Picks

My clients want to know the best coral options from everyone’s favorite nail polish, OPI. After all, coral is the hottest color of the season. Here is my laundry list of coral from OPI:

Melon of Troy (very light coral with some shimmer)

Lunch at the Delhi (reddish-coral and my all-time favorite)Hot & Spicy (orangey-coral and I’m currently sporting it on my toes)

Hong Kong Sunrise (pinkish-coral with some shimmer)

Remember to select your coral nail polish color based on your skin tone.  Also don’t forget to consider which color will complement your clothing colors the best.  If you have trouble finding any of these polish colors at Ulta or your favorite beauty store, try searching google shopping, and I am sure that you will be able to locate them on Amazon or other nail polish retailers’ sites.


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  1. Nice! I just checked your other posts too. All are great!

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