Is Geek the New Chic?

This past week, I have been on the hunt for the perfect bow tie for my husband.  He requested the old-fashioned neckwear to wear to my brother’s upcoming rehearsal dinner.  I’m not totally sure what caused the interest, but I am always on board with a new accessory, even for men.  This quest got me thinking about geek chic, and I feel that bow ties are under-utilized in the modern man’s wardrobe.  Bow ties are a lot like glasses, they make you look smarter!  And, whether you are in your 20’s or your 60’s bow ties can be a  great new accessory to experiment with.  Afterall, the average long tie can become so mundane when it is your only “look.” 

If you are just starting your bow tie collection, I suggest purchasing a couple of neutral bow ties (black, white, brown, etc.) and 1-2 statement pieces (think color and pattern).  My favorite source for geek chic neckwear is through Etsy.  In particular, I love the Nerds of a Feather shop.  These bow ties are made right in the DFW area, and I love to buy local!

This is my favorite Nerds of a Feather bow tie:

So men, don’t be afraid to give a bow tie a try. My fashion prediction is that they are getting ready to make a serious comeback!


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