Spice Up Your Summer Nail Color

Tired of your summer nail color? If you have spent the last months painting your nails that same, old color of red, it’s time to branch out in the beauty department and try something new. Just as clothing styles change each season, so should your nail polish. So, here are the latest and greatest trends in nail polish and where to buy them.

Taupes & Blush-Tones

Some of the hottest trends in clothing colors for spring/summer are taupes and blush-tones. But, these muted pinks and browns can be tricky to wear. If you love this look, but an all-over blush or taupe outfit is not the best option for your skin tone, try translating this fashion trend to your nail color. Muted nail polish in both taupes and blush-tones pairs nicely with a variety of vibrant clothing colors like teals, greens and purples. You can still wear your favorite clothing colors while embracing a new fashion trend through your nails!

Read the rest of my blog article for CBS DFW.


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