The Outnet…Are you Obsessed yet?

This weekend and today, I have been searching  for several different clients’ holiday attire…yes, already.  If you don’t find it now, it may be gone when you are pressed for the perfect outfit in the next couple of months!  While searching online through my favorite special occasion sites, I stumbled upon a new site (at least for me) called The Outnet.  You can read all about it here, but the overall gist is that it is owned by Net-A-Porter (making it instantly cool), and you can get amazing deals on designer merchandise.  By amazing, I mean in the ballpark of up to 70% off.  Check out this gorgeous Notte by Marchesa dress, that just hit the site, for 60% off.  It kind of feels wrong to find such fabulous fashion at such a fabulous discount.   

Notte by Marchesa for $302 (60% off)

Photo Credit: The Outnet

Is this the perfect dress for your first holiday event?  Maybe!


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