Trench Coats: Basic is Better

This fall, I have been purchasing a lot of trench coat for my clients.  Much of this may be that with the heat still is full swing in Texas, no one wants to try on wool coats!  But when selecting a trench coat, it is important to look for one with very basic shape.  Many trenches are designed with a plethora of pockets, buttons and epaulets.  Basic is better when wearing a trench coat.  Here are my rules for perfection in your trench coat selection:

Leopard Trench Coat with Simple Structure

1) Opt for single breasted.  Double breasted trench coats typically widen your mid-section.  I don’t know a single lady who wants that!

2) Skip the pockets across the bust-line (unless you want to give the illusion of a fuller top half)!  Pockets can be tricky, as then can shorted and widen you. 

3) Shoulder epaulets are okay, as long as you are not broad-shouldered.  This will expand the shoulder-line.

4) Opt for pockets that are on a diagonal, rather than a horizontal.  Horizontal hip pockets will increase the hip-line.  Also not something most women want!

5) Select a trench in a super fun pattern or color.  Afterall, if you are going for basic construction, you definitely want your pattern/color to be visually intriguing.


Happy trench coat shopping!


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