Best Fall Boots Under $100 in DFW

After a long summer season, it is finally time to celebrate…the boot is back, ladies! The best part of fall boots this season is that they are available in plenty of styles and shapes to suit all of your fashion fixations. Here are my top style picks for fall 2011 boots and where to buy them for less than $100.

The Wedge

 6459641 Best Fall Boots Under $100 In DFW

Courtesy: Nordstrom

1970’s styles always make a statement, and this fall it is time to channel your inner hippie. Mix your floral dresses with fur or fringe and top your outfit off with a great pair of wedge boots. Not only does this boot scream style, but it is actually easy to walk in. If you love height but hate stilettos, wedge boots are the perfect boot addition to your wardrobe.

Read the rest of my blog article for CBS DFW.


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