Best Fall Sweaters & Shawls for Under $50 in DFW

Sweaters and shawls are always a fall favorite in the DFW area. With a typically moderate fall season (at least with our fingers crossed!), layering scarves and wraps is an easy way to keep plenty warm without ever wearing a coat. Here are my favorite finds for layering your wardrobe this season, all under $50.

 Best Fall Sweaters & Shawls For Under $50 In DFW

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

The Statement Scarf

1540 S. University Dr.
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
(817) 870-1842
Hours: Mon-Wed 10AM-8PM; Thur-Sat 10AM-9PM; Sun 11AM-6PM

Everyone needs that one special piece in their wardrobe that they can throw on at any time to make a statement or to pull an outfit together. Purchase your statement scarf in a pattern that reflects your personal style. If you love drama, opt for leopard print or a black and white pattern. If you are a romantic, find a floral in colors that compliment your go-to fall pieces.

This rich fall scarf is perfect for the girly-girl with a little bohemian flair. It is available, along with many other budget friendly scarves, at Anthropologie for only $38. Each scarf has varied color and pattern, as they are all individually made.

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2 responses to “Best Fall Sweaters & Shawls for Under $50 in DFW

  1. Adrienne

    That scarf is gorgeous!! But, I can’t find it at Anthropologie — can you help?

    • I just looked at, and I can’t find it either. It isn’t even in the sale section. Your best bet is to try a couple of different Anthropology locations and see if they have it in stock. You might be able to take the photo and price ($38) in store and have a sales person help you locate one in a store elsewhere. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help.

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