Best Men’s Fall Fashions in DFW

Women’s trends may take a back seat this season because men’s fall fashions are both inspired and oh-so handsome this fall. Here are some of the top fashion trends for men and where to buy them.

Checks & Plaids

This fall, add some flair to your wardrobe with plaid and checked fabrics. Plaids and checks are super fashionable when worn as a blazer or button-up shirt. If you favor a more subdued look, incorporate these stand-out patterns with a new tie or with a vest layered under a solid blazer.

This plaid Calvin Klein tie is available at Macy’s for $59.50. Pair this tie (in green) with a black vest and grey blazer with dark wash jeans for evening or black slacks for a daytime, professional look.

 Best Men’s Fall Fashions In DFW

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein for Macy’s

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  1. Great plaid Calvin Klein tie at low price! Amazing gift for men.

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