Great Gifts for the Ladies on Your List!

During the holiday season, I do a ton of shopping my for clients, as we prepare for all of their holiday events.  But, I also do a lot of gift shopping for my clients’ gifts from their families.  I keep a list all year long of the gift items my clients have their eyes on so that I am ready to shop at a moment’s notice.  I have even been known to wrap gifts for my clients from their family members and hide them in luggage for a holiday trip.  So, with all of the gift buying, wrapping & giving I have already been doing pre-Thanksgiving…scandalous, I know!…I have created a nice list of some great gift items for all of the ladies on your list.  I hope this eases some of your holiday shopping stress!

Leopard Gloves: $79.50

Photo Credit: Banana Republic

DIY Envelope Clutch: $???

It’s do it yourself, so you can spend as much or as little as you want on the materials!  This is my favorite gift idea this season.  So special and custom for each lady on your list.

Photo Credit: Swellmayde

Naked Palette by Urban Decay: $48

Photo Credit: Demandware


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