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Top Beauty Supply Stores in North Texas

Shopping for beauty products is a fun and fundamental part of being a woman.  After all, even the most fashionable outfit can fall short if you skip your ever important makeup and hair styling steps before heading out the door.  Whether your style is uptown chic, downtown trendsetter, or haute hippie, it’s essential to know where to find your favorite products and the latest and greatest beauty finds.  Fortunately, in North Texas, there is a beauty store to match everyone’s style and budget.  I recently visited a few and here’s my review on the top beauty supply stores in our area. As well as the ins and outs on what to find there and how much money you can expect to spend.

Ulta, $$
2900 East Southlake Blvd.
Southlake, TX 76092

gold nail polish e1321398128187 Top Beauty Supply Stores In North Texas

Ulta is the quintessential one-stop shop for beauty products.  From perfume to nail polish, Ulta is a perfect option for perusing, or shopping with purpose.  Ulta also offer a wide range of makeup options from inexpensive and mainstream varieties like Maybelline and CoverGirl, to mid-range brands like Urban Decay and Stila.

If you have a big event coming up, make sure to look into the salon services at Ulta.  These services include skin treatments, hair color and styling & body waxing.  To finish getting ready for your event, have one of the Ulta makeup artists create a polished party look for you.

My favorite product to pick up at Ulta is a gold (yes, I meant gold) nail polish called Luxe, by Orly for $7.

Read the rest of my article for CBS DFW.


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Great Gifts for the Ladies on Your List!

During the holiday season, I do a ton of shopping my for clients, as we prepare for all of their holiday events.  But, I also do a lot of gift shopping for my clients’ gifts from their families.  I keep a list all year long of the gift items my clients have their eyes on so that I am ready to shop at a moment’s notice.  I have even been known to wrap gifts for my clients from their family members and hide them in luggage for a holiday trip.  So, with all of the gift buying, wrapping & giving I have already been doing pre-Thanksgiving…scandalous, I know!…I have created a nice list of some great gift items for all of the ladies on your list.  I hope this eases some of your holiday shopping stress!

Leopard Gloves: $79.50

Photo Credit: Banana Republic

DIY Envelope Clutch: $???

It’s do it yourself, so you can spend as much or as little as you want on the materials!  This is my favorite gift idea this season.  So special and custom for each lady on your list.

Photo Credit: Swellmayde

Naked Palette by Urban Decay: $48

Photo Credit: Demandware

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Spice Up Your Summer Nail Color

Tired of your summer nail color? If you have spent the last months painting your nails that same, old color of red, it’s time to branch out in the beauty department and try something new. Just as clothing styles change each season, so should your nail polish. So, here are the latest and greatest trends in nail polish and where to buy them.

Taupes & Blush-Tones

Some of the hottest trends in clothing colors for spring/summer are taupes and blush-tones. But, these muted pinks and browns can be tricky to wear. If you love this look, but an all-over blush or taupe outfit is not the best option for your skin tone, try translating this fashion trend to your nail color. Muted nail polish in both taupes and blush-tones pairs nicely with a variety of vibrant clothing colors like teals, greens and purples. You can still wear your favorite clothing colors while embracing a new fashion trend through your nails!

Read the rest of my blog article for CBS DFW.

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Meet My Makeup Artist

Clients, Friends & Family,

I am pleased to introduce you to my personal makeup artist (and yours!), Alisha Cole.  Alisha is a professionally trained makeup artist from L.A. and now lives in the DFW area.  She has over seven years of experience in the makeup industry, and some of her celebrity clients include Tom Hanks, Juliette Lewis and Topher Grace.  Alisha offers personal makeovers, personal shopping for makeup, makeup lessons and more.  Afterall, it is always important to pair your fabulous wardrobe with fabulous makeup!

For more information on Alisha, her services and rates, and to view her portfolio, visit Alisha’s business website.  When you do book an appointment, please be sure and let her know who referred you!



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Goodbye Vampire, Hello Bronze Goddess!

If you know me, you know that one of my most identifiable features is that I look like a vampire. Not even kidding…I am super white, almost translucent.  There isn’t much that I can do about it since I start burning/melting (just like a vampire) the second I step out into the sun. This is compounded with the fact that my husband is often greeted in Spanish because of how non-vampireish he becomes in the summer. It really is like having salt poured in my wounds. Now, I do have experience with spray-tan. My complaints are the smell, the time commitment and the continual cost of keeping it up. So, this summer I have been determined to find a new way to say goodbye to the vampire in a non spray-tan way, and I think that I have found a solution: Jergens Natural Glow.

While working with one of my clients recently, I noticed that her legs were looking quite bronzy, and she is not a typically super-tan person. She told me that she had been using Natural Glow as her daily moisturizer for about a week and was slowing building up an amazing tan, and it really looked real! So I made a frantic run to Target and started the Natural Glow process. Now, I don’t mean to brag, but it has been about two days, and I feel like a bronze goddess. I know that it doesn’t take much for me to feel tan, after all, I have previously been the color of a paper towel, but I truly witnessed improvements in my tan department almost immediately. I am, of course, using the lightest version of Natural Glow, but there is also a darker option if you already have a good sun-base and just want to keep it up without continually spending time in the sun.

Available at Target for around $8.

So a word to all of those other vampires out there…there is hope for you too. Go snag a bottle of Jergens Natural Glow and turn yourself into a bronze goddess!

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Coral Nail Polish Picks

My clients want to know the best coral options from everyone’s favorite nail polish, OPI. After all, coral is the hottest color of the season. Here is my laundry list of coral from OPI:

Melon of Troy (very light coral with some shimmer)

Lunch at the Delhi (reddish-coral and my all-time favorite)Hot & Spicy (orangey-coral and I’m currently sporting it on my toes)

Hong Kong Sunrise (pinkish-coral with some shimmer)

Remember to select your coral nail polish color based on your skin tone.  Also don’t forget to consider which color will complement your clothing colors the best.  If you have trouble finding any of these polish colors at Ulta or your favorite beauty store, try searching google shopping, and I am sure that you will be able to locate them on Amazon or other nail polish retailers’ sites.

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