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Fall Favorite: Leopard Print

You could call it the print that just won’t quit.  For seasons now, we have seen leopard print all over our stores, and this fall is no exception.  I must admit that I love the look and just can’t help myself from adding a little more leopard print to my wardrobe each season.  Truthfully, I just looked down to see that I am wearing my leopard pajama pants.  My obsession may be worse that I previously thought! 

Whether you love leopard a little or, like I do, a lot, it is important to select your leopard items with care and in a way that will support and extend your current wardrobe…not leave you thinking, “I must have been crazy when I bought that leopard blouse!”  Here are my rules for selecting the right leopard pieces for my clients.  I hope they help you in your leopard selections this fall:

1) The key to a happy leopard-sprinkled wardrobe is to purchase items that are in your preferred color family (black & white, brown & caramel, or even red).  Stick to a leopard color scheme that will compliment the wardrobe you already have (exp. if your fall color base is brown, opt for brown-toned leopard prints, not blacks).

2) Remember to choose leopard prints that are in the right scale for your body size.  For example, if one of my petite clients really wants a great pair of leopard jeans this fall, I will make sure to select for her a very small pattern that will not overpower her small frame. (The NYDJ below are a great example of this).  

3) Don’t forget that a little leopard goes a long way.  When wearing a leopard print, select other supportive (not conflicting) pieces to wear.  Let the leopard be the all-star of your outfit. 

4) Lastly, once you have a little leopard in your closet, you cannot be afraid to wear it!  Yes, it may be bold and dramatic, but leoaprd can create so much visual interest and fun in an outfit…if you let it. 

Now that you know the rules for wearing leopard, it’s time to shop.  Leopard is everywhere this season, so stay true to your budget when purchasing your pieces.  If you find something you love that is out of your price range, just keep searching.  Leopard is popping up everywhere and at every price-point!  Here are some of my favorite leopard finds, so far, this season.

Leopard Clutch, $43.00

Photo Courtesy: Karmaloop


Leopard NYDJ, $120.00

Photo Courtesy: Nordstrom



Leopard Blouse, $24.50

Photo Courtesy: Wet Seal


Leopard Wedges, $79.50

Photo Courtesy: Ann Taylor Loft


Leopard Blazer, $198

Photo Courtesy: Neiman Marcus



Photo Courtesy: H&M


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The Swimdress: Making One-Piece Swimsuits Sexy

One of the newest trends in swimwear for the spring 2012 season is the swimdress.  Think retro pin-up girl, but with better spandex and underwire support.  This new spin on the one-piece swimsuit is making full-coverage swimwear sexy again for women of all ages.  I should know…swimsuit shopping season is in full swing! 

After spending the last two weeks located the perfect swimwear for clients in the DFW area, I have decided on my top picks for the swimdress.  Here they are!  Now you just have to decide which swimdress is for you.  Happy swimming, retro style!

Carmen Marc Valvo Swimdress (also available in Red and Black), $167.00

Photo Courtesy: Victoria’s Secret


Betsey Johnson State Fair Swimdress, $178.00

Photo Courtesy: Everything But Water


Jantzen Pin Dot Swimdress (also available in Red), $112.00

Photo Courtesy: Dillard’s

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Color-Blocked Crossbody Bags

One of my favorite trends of the Spring 2012 season is color-blocking.  Color-blocking is not only a great trend in clothing, but it also spans other areas of fashion, like shoes, jewelry and bags. 

BCBG Max Azaria Color-Block Dress, $248 at Saks

Photo Courtesy: Saks Fifth Avenue

Colin Stuart Color-Block Sandal, $88 at Victoria’s Secret

Photo Courtesy: Victoria’s Secret


Lee Angel Color-Block Bracelet, $94.99 at Amazon

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Over the past month, I have been on a hunt, for a certain client, for the perfect color-blocked crossbody bag.  The specifications are that it must be under $100 and include only neutrals (brown, black, white, etc.).  Keeping the color-blocking neutral will also for pairing with a great number of pieces in her existing wardrobe and will ensure longevity when neon color-blocking goes out (and who can tell how quickly that will be!).  Here are my two favorite finds for this project.  Which bag do you like best?

Contrast Bowling Bag, $72 at TopShop

Photo Courtesy: TopShop

LaMountain Crossbody Bag, $40 at Aldo

Photo Courtesy: Aldo

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Winter Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

Following celebrity style is a great way to re-vamp your wardrobe this winter season.  If you are searching for some fashion inspiration for cooler weather, spend some time looking at photos of your favorite celebrity online.  Identify some of his/her best outfits that you feel would work for your body shape and coloring.  While your favorite celebrity’s fashion fund is most likely much more extensive than your own, you can easily recreate their look for less with a little fashion know-how and some careful shopping.  Voilà!  Your winter wardrobe will instantly be more fabulous!

Here is one of my favorite fashionable celebrities, Victoria Beckham, in a great winter outfit that I have recreated for under $100!

 Winter Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

Photo Credit: Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images

Read the rest of my blog article for CBS DFW.

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Guide to Creating an Evening Look for Under $35

I recently hit some discount stores in the DFW area with the challenge of creating an evening look (that I would really want to wear!) for under $35.  After shopping just two stores within 30 minutes, I found three great pieces to complete my look, without blowing my budget.  Here’s how I did it:

Statement Dress

Ross Dress For Less

dress e1319652026199 Guide To Creating An Evening Look For Under $35

Photo Credit: Lauren Bailey

I started my search at Ross and immediately hit the dress rack.  When putting together an outfit on a budget, it is important to get the most out of your money.  So I was specifically looking for a dress with some serious detail.  I found this great black and grey piece for $10.99.  Since the dress has a belt attached, I didn’t feel that I needed to drop more cash on accessories.  Instead, I found my dress and a great belt accessory for one low price.

Read the rest of my blog article for CBS DFW.

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Trench Coats: Basic is Better

This fall, I have been purchasing a lot of trench coat for my clients.  Much of this may be that with the heat still is full swing in Texas, no one wants to try on wool coats!  But when selecting a trench coat, it is important to look for one with very basic shape.  Many trenches are designed with a plethora of pockets, buttons and epaulets.  Basic is better when wearing a trench coat.  Here are my rules for perfection in your trench coat selection:

Leopard Trench Coat with Simple Structure

1) Opt for single breasted.  Double breasted trench coats typically widen your mid-section.  I don’t know a single lady who wants that!

2) Skip the pockets across the bust-line (unless you want to give the illusion of a fuller top half)!  Pockets can be tricky, as then can shorted and widen you. 

3) Shoulder epaulets are okay, as long as you are not broad-shouldered.  This will expand the shoulder-line.

4) Opt for pockets that are on a diagonal, rather than a horizontal.  Horizontal hip pockets will increase the hip-line.  Also not something most women want!

5) Select a trench in a super fun pattern or color.  Afterall, if you are going for basic construction, you definitely want your pattern/color to be visually intriguing.


Happy trench coat shopping!

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Fall Fashion Concepts

Each season, I try to think of an over-arching, inspirational theme for dressing my clients.  This season, I am concentrating on helping my clients look so effortlessly dressed that they appear as if they virtually “fell” into their closets and came out looking fabulous.  To me, this means not over-accessorizing or creating contrived outfits, but to help my clients express themselves through fashion by pairing items in unexpected, creative and cutting-edge ways.  Being predictably coordinated is so last season!  What is your fashion philosophy for fall?


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