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‘Tis the Season for a Closet Cleanout!


It’s closing cleanout time again!  I’ve been working each week to get my clients’ fall wardrobes into perfect working order.  So, I spent a little bit of my weekend working my way through my own closet.  Cleaning out your closet and transferring your clothing to the current season is so important when it comes to loving your wardrobe and the way you look.  Here are some steps for priming your wardrobe for perfection this season.

1) Remove all spring/summer items from your closet, except for those that can be adjusted for transitional outfits.  If you do not have a second closet to store out of season clothing, then place the pieces in an area of your closet that is not easily accessed.

2) Go through the spring/summer items and discard any pieces that are damaged and worn beyond repair, do not fit anymore (you can choose to keep these if you think they will fit again in the future), that you did not wear all season, or that you did not feel good in.

3) Go through all fall/winter clothing and discard any items that are not currently in style or do not fit.  Then, incorporate the remaining pieces into your main closet.

4) Make a shopping list of pieces that you discarded and need to replace and pieces/trends that you would like to focus on purchasing this season.

5) Enjoy your newly refreshed and organized wardrobe!


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September 23, 2012 · 8:42 pm